About Your Business Advisor: Leveraging Experience to Guide Your Success

Rick’s Rich Tapestry of Business Ownership

Rick’s business journey is studded with diverse and enriching experiences, from launching startups to taking over established companies. Each venture has provided opportunities for growth, evolving his skills and insights as a seasoned business owner.

Navigating the Complexities of Business Sale

Selling his last business was an insightful, albeit challenging, journey. Frustrations with the process sparked the realization that Rick could outperform the brokers he had hired. This experience served as the catalyst, steering him toward the business brokerage industry.

The Brokerage Industry: A Stepping Stone to Success

Rick invested two years into becoming an associate broker, continuously learning and honing his expertise. His confidence mirrored his growing success. Each day brought new challenges and solutions, allowing Rick to thrive amidst the vibrant business community.

Recognizing Disparity: The Catalyst for Change

Throughout his journey, Rick noted the stark contrast between business owners who constantly grappled with issues and those who navigated operations with apparent ease. This disparity piqued his interest and created an opportunity to dig deeper.

Decoding the Patterns of Success and Failure

Rick became an astute observer, deciphering the patterns behind business success and failure. He drew lessons from businesses that thrived as well as those that faltered. This careful observation, coupled with continual learning, equipped Rick with an extensive knowledge base to support others in their business journey.

Sharing Knowledge: The Rewarding Dimension

Sharing insights and assisting others to overcome their challenges added a rewarding dimension to Rick’s role as a business advisor. His contributions quickly made him an invaluable asset to the business community.

Mastering the Art of Business Brokerage

By navigating through diverse experiences, Rick has mastered the art of business brokerage, providing him with the expertise to uplift other businesses. In aiding others, he discovered his true calling. Now, as Your Business Advisor, he’s eager to use his accumulated wisdom to guide you toward success.

Embrace the benefits of his five decades worth of knowledge and experience—get ready to embark on a successful journey with Your Business Advisor.

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  • Associate degree in business administration
  • Graduate of VR business brokerage, mergers, & Acquisitions
  • Former member of IBBA
  • Former CBI
  • Former associate member of accountants of Phoenix
  • Form member of VBBB

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